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We are putting together an FAQ page.  Please post in the comments below what kinds of things you’d like to see us address here and the common questions you see others asking.

The Briney Family FAQ

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  1. What are your religious beliefs? What do you believe about the afterlife? Why does your religious belief say that to achieve exhalation, youmist live in a family of at least two wives and one husband, whereas the FLDS believes you must live in a family of at least 3 wives and one husband? Why does Angela want Drew to have 7 wives and why does she use the term quorum? Is there a religious significance to you in the word quorum. To me, the word means you must have a certain percentage of a committee present in order to proceed with a vote. We call that having a quorum and each year when our church has a congregational meeting, we have to count and make sure we have a quorum before proceeding. Do you feel sad at all knowing that if all polygamist families kept all the children living in polygamy, it wouldn’t work out because there wouldn’t be enough girls? Do you know the Brown family?

    1. Thank you! We will answer some of these questions in forthcoming posts on the FAQ page. If they are not commonly asked, we’ll answer them here!

  2. Sorry, I have another question. I know Drew and April were married monogamously for years (8?) before Drew felt led to have another wife. Can you each tell what your faith process was, how you were brought up, and the steps on the way to embracing the principle, including whether and how long you were part of the LDS. Thanks for taking questions.

  3. So I’m getting really confused on how the courting process should work or does work. I know the relationship with the man and his wives are important but in the courting process is it you get screened first then you can meet the man. I keep seeing these sister wives meeting women believeing they will be perfect to join the family but the new woman is not allowed to meet or speak with man until a very long screening and communication process with at least one wife ? I don’t understand how a woman is supposed to invest her time into this relationship if she isn’t able to see if she is even compatible with a man she is to eventually court, mate , and have children with ? Would you mind sharing how it went for your family ?

    1. Hello Katelyn:

      Great question – it’d different with different families but we’ll answer this on the FAQ page in regards to our family for sure.

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