Career News, Drew

Book Cover Design Sketch

It hasn’t been mentioned on Seeking Sister Wife but Drew is a sci-fi/fantasy author.  He’s been transitioning from practicing law full time and writing part time to writing full time since first season filming ended.  You can read all about his books, artistic inspirations, and fascinating technology developments he uses to enhance his writing on… Read More Book Cover Design Sketch


Drew’s Back

Lots of questions about Drew’s back – thank you for your concern.  Here is a quick summary: Drew broke his back (crushed three vertebrae) a couple years ago.  He learned that he had a condition called spondyliosisthesis (pictured above) that led to the injury.  He ruptured two discs in the process, broke a spindle, and tore… Read More Drew’s Back

Cornerstone, Drew

Prosecuting Polygamists

I once attended a continuing legal education course entitled “How to Prosecute Polygamists.”  I couldn’t help feeling a little anxious sitting in the audience while listening to the presentation about how to put me in jail (especially after they mentioned they were targeting attorneys and other people who’d taken an oath of office) and when… Read More Prosecuting Polygamists