The Briney family is a plural family as seen on TLC’s “Seeking Sister Wife”.  Drew has been married to his first wife April since 1997, his second wife Auralee since 2005, and his newest wife Angela since early 2016.  Together, they have a combination of 15 children… April with eight, Auralee with six, and Angela with one.  They all chose plural marriage from very different backgrounds and life paths.  You can read more about each of their stories in their bios.

House Bill 99 passed the Utah Senate floor in a last minute decision five minutes before the meeting was adjourned around midnight.  This came as a surprise to many living plural marriage as several meetings had been held privately between polygamists and Senators stating that it would not pass.  The Briney family found themselves is predicament… wanting to aviod rattling sabers and to discourage any effort to prosecute or imprison any members of the family, but also wanting to take a stand and fight against Utah’s anti-polygamy, anti-family law.

They continue to look for ways to fight the good fight for liberty for all in Utah.  Please visit Families Not Felons for more information on the legal climate in Utah for plural families and read the stories of polygamists coming out of the shadows in an effort to gain freedom.

While they used to be affiliated with the AUB (the Apostolic United Brethren), the Briney’s are no longer associated with any particular religious group.  They consider themselves “Joseph Smith”, “Restoration”, or “Orthodox” Mormons and are not affiliated with the mainstream Corporate Mormon Church who did away with the practice of plural marriage about a century ago.

The Briney family mission is to “find truth and live it” and to help make the world a place where all may “live and let live” unmolested, as Joseph Smith taught.  They believe in extending friendship to all, compromising not on their beliefs, and fighting like hell for justice and liberty.