Polygamous Mormon Women + Suffragette Movement

Polygamous Mormon Women

In January of 1870 nearly 6,000 polygamous Mormon women in Utah held a grand mass-meeting to confirm and maintain polygamy at the very moment of the passage of their female suffrage bill.

Modern culture has adopted the broad, sweeping attitude that polygamy is equated with the serfdom or oppression of women.

No doubt, just as in monogamy, you can find abuse and force in polygamy. But it would be absurd to make a broad, sweeping statement that because so, monogamy as a whole is abusive. How could one disagree?

Meanwhile those women who choose polygamy of their own free will, like me, tens of thousands of others across the country, and those nearly 6,000 women 150 years ago, know that it has nothing at all to do with the serfdom of women.  We find your rhetoric inane.

It was Mormon women in large part behind the suffragette movement (I.e. Eliza R. Snow as a leader of the pack).  Though Susan B. Anthony did not like polygamy, she understood how to separate preference from principle. She wouldn’t dare impede on the civil rights of her polygamous Mormon women friends. She also didn’t let her preference deter her from their friendship. And so she worked side by side with them on their common goal.

It was the polygamous Mormon women helping to liberate the non-Mormon and non-polygamous women. 

Oh, the irony! Self righteous, monogamous women either shaming or trying to save the poor polygamous women who helped give them equal rights.

Oh how strange it is to be told from outsiders who lack knowledge and understanding, who merely embrace and regurgitate propaganda from those who wish to subdue and repress, what our condition is and try to save us!

Our roots go deep. We have a rich history in high profile, important political roles, church roles, family roles, and religious history that goes back to the early Israelites. We are nothing new. We are not a fad.

Guns held to our heads by our would-be saviors to remove us from our reproach, while we struggle against their oppressive grip. 

Put your weapons down.  We don’t want your forced salvation. 

Examine your rhetoric.  Drop the stereotypes. We are already free. 

The only tyrant here is you. 

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