Why the Brineys are Not Returning for Season 2 of TLCs Seeking Sister Wife

Last Group Briney Family Photo

One Tragic Event Derailed the Briney Family

So many people have been asking us why we aren’t going to be on Season 2 of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife.  Originally we were going to be but TLC pulled us at the last minute – literally a month before the season premiere.  We filmed the whole season, but no one could have guessed the traumatic experience our family would have and try to recover from while filming Season 2.  So besides the network feeling bound by HIPAA Laws, our story was simply too heavy, with too much controversy and we don’t blame them.

April Briney Left Our Family

Without getting into many details here, simply put, April left our family and took Drew’s and her children out of state (back to Utah) under the pretext of taking them for a local hike not far from our Oregon home.  She never came back.  Nor would she accept any communication for the first month or so.  This happened the first week of filming (on film, actually).  The grief and heartache those of us left behind have been experiencing has been excruciating.

It would be many months before we could even have open communication with any of the children and seven months before we would even get to see them.  She left on May 26th, Lenny’s 1st and Laurelei’s 12th birthdays, right after their birthday party.  We didn’t see the kids she took until December 21st.  

Heavy stuff, right?  So we were dealing with our outrage and grief during the whole season of filming.  We were left in the dark as to what her plans were and had many questions in our minds.  To be filmed during this time was very hard on the one hand and very therapeutic on the other. 

“The network had a very unique opportunity to tell a story that’s never been told before…”

The network had a very unique opportunity to tell a story that’s never been told before – that of the family left behind when a plural wife leaves.  But again, we agree that this heavy of a story was not a good fit for this platform. The story of those who leave has been told many times, but we often don’t consider how the remaining family deals with that grief and how they try to move on in life.

In any case, at the end of the day our story was a far cry from the intention of the show (although we did meet and date a beautiful lady during that time that we adore who was like a breath of fresh air in the midst of our crisis).

We have heard through mutual friends and acquaintances some of the accusations that April is making, which are not only false, but sad to hear. The lifestyle and family she defended so fervently in the past of her own free will and choice, she now claims victim of.  We’ll leave it at that.

Though she clearly has caused so much pain for our family, we wish her the best and are hopeful she will find the healing she needs. We know that the mentally stable April would not have done the things that she’s done.

April Briney claimed she's not a victim.
April and Angela Briney protesting Utah’s HB99 that makes polygamy a felony

The Brineys Move Again

That behind us, what we would like to do is update you about more positive aspects of our lives since last season.

Firstly, we moved yet again from the Portland area to Southern Oregon.  We live in a gorgeous forest on five acres.  It’s very remote and it’s just what we needed, like a healing oasis away from everyone and everything to recover and regroup.  We have no neighbors in sight, but kindly people close by who welcomed us with cookies and warm acceptance.  

What Drew Briney is up to Now

As you know, Drew is career-transitioning from his law firm to being a full time author.  He has since released his fantasy novel Unproven, which is getting rave reviews (even by me, who is not particularly a fan of that genre)!  He also released a science fiction novella called Assassin Hunter, wrote a kick ass screenplay, and has two audiobooks in production.  Be sure to check them all out on Amazon!  He’s got several irons in the fire with more books and has been working hard on his marketing skills and recently decided to look for an agent.

What Auralee Briney is up to Now

Auralee continues to be the domestic goddess of the house and ensures great care of the children while homeschooling.  She continues doing voice lessons and has ventured out into learning about marketing to help both Drew and I with our respective businesses.  

She’s been teaching the children about business and passive income through their current favorite game Cashflow by Robert Kiosaki.  Auralee’s three oldest have also learned to program this year through Khan Academy, making cute animated emojis and even their very own video games!  It’s exciting to watch their growth and capacities enlarge and take so much pleasure in the things they are learning.  Auralee is an inspiring and diligent mom.

What Angela Briney is up to Now

I launched my dream business, Lenny & Me: simple, mindful ways to baby.  We offer Certified Organic clothing for babies and toddlers, as well as nontoxic toys, gear, and books.  It’s been a joy to have a place for mamas to come to and feel secure knowing that everything we offer is totally safe for their little ones (not to mention luxurious!).  Shortly, I’ll also be putting more energy into the Lenny & Me Community for people to give, receive, and share their experiences with other mindful mamas.  Together, we can empower each other to be the moms we’ve always wanted to be by identifying and living our values.

Lenny is almost 20-months-old!  He’s as charming as ever and enjoying his newfound independence as he gets more and more comfortable wandering away from mama.  Oh, it’s bittersweet, isn’t it?  Celebrating every advancement while mourning the loss of the previous stage.  He is my heart and soul.  After such a long wait to be a mama, motherhood certainly doesn’t disappoint.  Soon I’ll share his birth story with you.

The Briney Kids in Utah

The kids in Utah mostly seem to be adjusting relatively well to their new life without the other half of their family. The oldest four are all in public school now and are enjoying the social aspects of it. Jasher is making great strides in his photography skills. Jacob is killing it in wrestling. Brielle is enjoying color guard. Jocelyn loves all her new friends. Kyra and Keilana (she doesn’t want to go by Tiny anymore!) like being home with their mama.

For now friends, we leave you with this… 

Every trial is an opportunity for growth.  This mortal experience is meant to refine us and there is no refinement without fire.  A diamond simply cannot exist were it not for the high temperatures and extreme pressure in the earth’s mantle.  When we don’t bend, we break, so be fluid like water.  Be present and mindful and ask at every turn what God is trying to teach you.  We cannot always control our circumstances, but we can always control our response.  And that, my friends, is where true power lies.  

Thank you for your kind thoughts, well-wishes, and sentiments of wishing we were returning to Seeking Sister Wife.  We realize that what we shared in this post is just a snippet overview and summary of what’s gone on in our lives. Perhaps we’ll be able to tell our story another way. Stay posted and keep in touch.

God bless <3,
Angela, Drew, and Auralee

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34 thoughts on “Why the Brineys are Not Returning for Season 2 of TLCs Seeking Sister Wife

  1. So sorry to hear your family has been torn apart. I will miss seeing you all on TV. Hopefully TLC will reconsider and put you on. Glad you found peace in a new place. God Bless your family. Will be praying for you all.

      1. I am SO happy I found this blog! I am shocked! I found myself watching the season 1 episodes over and over again wondering about a season 2! I have followed MANY poly families and the Brineys are by far my favorite! Today, I decided to dig to find out more about you guys and I’m glad I did. I also realize there are many viewers that are drawn to you guys as well. I feel as though this family showed the most vulnerability and come across very relatable. Even to those of us not familiar with plural marriage. I am very sorry to hear about the splitting of the family. No doubt you guys will bounce back better than ever. Phoenix from the ashes! I believe many of us would LOVE to follow you guys over to youtube. It would BLOW up! Until then I will keep up with you guys via your other medias. Best wishes to you, Angela and to the rest of the fam!

      2. I am so so sorry. Your kids are so lucky to have two loving mommies that help and support them during this tragic time. My mother-in-law and I miss watching you guys so much! We both wish you happiness and success in your new adventures.

  2. Oh wow! It does make sense now. While I was saddened to find out you would not be featured, I know all of your fans and followers will understand. At this point you are in transition and our hearts go out to you as you get thru this change. I have been to Oregon many times, my late mother lived in Eugene and I found it beautiful. I hope you all re-set and renew, while exploring this lovely state.
    For now I leave you with my heart felt prayers for peace and understanding and am sending lots of my Southern Mimi love and hugs!

    1. Thank you, Vanne – we appreciate your prayers so much. We all could use them <3.

      We are totally in love with Oregon. It just feels good here.

    1. I was about to leave this exact comment! Their youtube would BLOW UP. I have followed MANY poly families and even seeing only one season, the Brineys are by far my favorite! The more I look into them the more I realize they are many viewers top pick!

    1. Thank you, Mandy – chances are, with the limited amount of air time each family gets, it really wouldn’t have done our story justice. I think they made the right decision.

  3. I wonder if public opinion to see the footage will be enough for Tcl to create a special, using the footage to show the other side of families losing a wife. They have the footage already, it makes sense to use it. While I agree it doesn’t fit the theme of the “Seeking Sister Wife” show, it’s even better.
    I’m sort of glad your family won’t be on it, because since the Snowden’s are back, I deleted the recording option from the DVR as Inhave no desire to support the show with them on it. Now it’s just easier to leave behind since you won’t be on it.

  4. I’m going to miss u guys! Your family was my favourite to watch. U guys were so genuine. Very sad, but in turn I’m happy u gave us an update on how u r doing. This isn’t a goodbye; just see u later!

  5. Thank you for the update. I can’t fogure out, though, why the Sister Wives cringefest of Meri’s continued saga is not too “heavy” for TLC, but your relatively normal situation is. Wishing you all the best.

  6. TLC loves to air “ drama” whether it is edited drama or real drama. I felt like your family was the only interesting family of the bunch. Don’t get me wrong they all seen like nice people but interesting…not so much. It’s all over Ashley’s face she doesn’t want a sister wife but she loves her husband so she goes along. She was acting jealous before demetri even went on their date and I can’t blame her. I felt your family dynamic would be better without the one who left. Maybe that was the reason she acted like she did because she wanted to leave? Who knows , feelings change and people change but condemning the lifestyle and or people you spent most of your life with only makes you look foolish for staying for so long. I for one won’t be watching this show anymore. Wishing your family the best of luck in the future. God bless

  7. So sad to see this happened. I am shocked that your family was torn apart. I guess this can happen in polygamist families as easy as monogamous relationships.
    Welcome to the PNW! I’m a many generations Washingtonian.
    I wish TLC would allow your story to be on. It shows that things can happen in any family.
    Wishing you health, happiness and healin

  8. I think TLC has a rare opportunity to show how a plural family copes when a wife leaves. Perhaps a special min-series to tell your story.

    On a personal note I will be thinking of your family in my daily meditations ☮️?

  9. Do you think that TLC will run a special with the footage they already have from filming the secind season with your family? I totally understand why they said it woukdnt fit the series and I agree that the short air time each family gets that it wouldnt have done your story justice, But, the fans would live to see it. They can add to the footage they have and make it a special all about your family and the tragic split of the family. This woukd show the side of leaving this lifestyle that veiwers have nit ever seen. We see individuals and sometimes siblings leave that
    lifestyle but we dont see it from both sides. We have never seen a Mom leave with kids and especially secretly and we have never seen it from the other side of the family that is left behind and how it affects them as well as how it affects the children who have been taken from their other siblings and thrown into a life they have never known.

  10. So sorry to see your family will not be apart of the show. But wishing you guys all the best. You guys should definitely do a vlog.

  11. Praying for you all. If you need anything give us a shout. Praying for you daily. Hoping our Heavenly Father heals your family.

  12. TLC should have at least aired your story or given you a spin-off or a special. I must say, I can’t imagine how Angela’s and AuraLee’s children must feel. Betrayed? Hurt? Confused? The woman who called herself their 3rd “mother” abruptly left AND took their siblings. I am so sorry. I hope we get to see the footage one day. May we know if you all are still dating the new woman mentioned in the blog post?

    1. Sort of. None of us are in a big hurry, all things considered. We keep in touch with her but we live in different states so I don’t know if you could call that dating.

      We knew her many months before we met with her on tv. We all enjoy her company a lot and she helped lift our spirits at a time when we needed it and we’re very open to meeting with her in the future. Time will tell.

  13. I could tell April was gonna leave so I wasn’t surprised. She was being difficult in my opinion. Sorry it didn’t work out! But I do feel your family has the best dynamic. Good luck in the future!

  14. Your family was the reason I watched the first season. I truly hoped that we’d get to catch up with you all again. You all were vulnerable for the cameras and gave viewers a true look at your family dynamics. Hopefully, TLC will air your footage in a mini-series all your own. It’d be very insightful to see how your family dealt with half of your family just disappearing in the moment and new footage of how ya’ll have reconciled these events as time passes.

  15. My prayers are with your family. As a second wife in a plural family zi understand the intricacies of the life and sadly understand what happens when a wife leaves. I do feel that it would have been nice for the average person to see how a family overcomes such a great loss but i also understand that with limited time on air it would be difficult to due it justice. Hang in there. I pray for healing for all of you.

  16. I am SO happy I found this blog! I am shocked! I found myself watching the season 1 episodes over and over again wondering about a season 2! I have followed MANY poly families and the Brineys are by far my favorite! Today, I decided to dig to find out more about you guys and I’m glad I did. I also realize there are many viewers that are drawn to you guys as well. I feel as though this family showed the most vulnerability and come across very relatable. Even to those of us not familiar with plural marriage. I am very sorry to hear about the splitting of the family. No doubt you guys will bounce back better than ever. Phoenix from the ashes! I believe many of us would LOVE to follow you guys over to youtube. It would BLOW up! Until then I will keep up with you guys via your other medias. Best wishes to you, Angela and to the rest of the fam!

  17. Thank you for this communication. I enjoyed watching all of the families and their storylines. It was definitely disappointing not seeing you all this season, but I totally understand why. So sorry about April leaving and taking the children, but their did seem to be some extreme passive aggressive behavior going on. I absolutely LOVED how Auralee called April out about the drama she created which left open the possibility of healing the situation. No offense to the husbands on the show, but you ladies are AWESOME! Congratulations on all of your business ventures too. If I don’t see you all again on TV just know I am wishing you the best life possible!

  18. Thank you for what you have shared and taught us about your lifestyle. Thanks, too, for making this blog and telling your followers why you are not returning for a second season. I agree that the network missed an opportunity to show a polygamist family split from the inside – a very difficult situation playing out on camera. The idea that you all were willing to share it is humbling to the heart. May God bless you all very dearly. Many prayers and kind wishes go out to your family.

  19. Thank you for explaining “the rest of the story.” I’m always saddened when intimate relationships break. I agree that your story did not fit with the arc of the show. I can only wish for healing for all of you. Best of luck going forward both for your family lives and your businesses. Thank you for sharing you story both on the show and off.

  20. Hi from England!

    I miss seeing your family on series 2 but hope you are all doing well. The place you live now sounds idyllic. Hopefully we will see you on our screens again.

    Love and Best Wishes

  21. I just found Seeking Sister Wife and binge watched series 1. I am so sorry to see that my gut feeling about April was right. I’d hoped that by moving to Oregon you’d regroup and reconfirm your commitments to one another. Sadly, I felt that April did not have that commitment. Every time she spoke it was about her and her needs with no understanding of what her actions and words did to others. She should have stayed in Utah in the first place. In any case, I am a generational Oregonian, living in Britain now but still thinking of home. Welcome and the best of luck to all of you. You are good people. Finally, I hope to see the story aired at some point. It does seem to be a very real part of the life you’ve chosen, to lose people people now and again and that should be seen. Again, all the best. Dawn

  22. I love seeking sister wives. Learning about the different motives for wanting a polygamous family is so interesting to me. I often find myself smiling and feeling a warmth after viewing an episode. … I personally am one wife to one husband. However after seeing the connection between a family and their new sister wife this season; it actually has me wondering what a sister wife would add to our family. The sisterhood is amazing this season.

    “A relationship is simply imperfect people doing their very best to make things work”

    I wish the best for all the babies and beautiful children in the fam. I want to mention that I love the new baby clothing line Lenny and me. ADORABLE!

  23. I was pretty sure that April would leave, however I had no idea she would sneak off and practically kidnap the children. I noticed extreme passive aggression in her, and when that didn’t work she switched to aggression. I also noticed the helpless, damsel in distress personality with the baby voice she used to make her man feel big and strong, so she could get what she wanted. However we all, to some degree, suffer from selfishness and self centeredness. That is the root of all human problems. Hopefully one day April can look at herself with an objective eye and see herself for who she really is and make some changes. It took me years before I could see my faults for what they were. I was in my mid forties before I began to see some of them and that was because i was living completely alone for the first time and had time for introspection and God showing me them. We all have faults, so thank our great God that He forgives us through Jesus Christ. Maybe April could check out Emotions Anonymous.

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