Flurry of Giveaways

Drew has been super busy since last season. He released two books, wrote a screenplay, and has an audiobook coming out by the end of January, 2019. He’s been working tirelessly to career transition. As part of that effort, he’s trying to bless as many fans as possible with various gifts and prizes.

You have a fantasy lover in your family, probably several. Most of them love dragons. Drew is hosting a giveaway for an exclusive, limited edition 20×30 poster of this awesome dragon and a signed copy of his latest fantasy novel, Unproven. The poster is not mass produced and you can only get it through Drew so enter to win a copy for you or your loved one. When you enter, Drew will send you an email with pro tips on how to maximize your chances of wining (and/or winning a couple sweet runner-up prizes as well).

Here is the poster:

Here is a preview of the giveaway:

You can enter through the above preview or here.

Meanwhile, if you’re not up to date on Drew’s books, you can find out more about them here or, if you’d like to see if he’s any good at his craft, you can get sample chapters of each of his books here.

This is his latest novella, Assassin Hunter. It’s a futuristic, high-tech science fiction fantasy novel reminiscent of Jim Butcher’s Dresden files mashed up with an M. Night Shyamalan twist.

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