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April’s Apology Regarding Season 1 – Updated

(Updates at the bottom)


There were some times in season 1 that I truly was so mean and I would like to publicly acknowledge and apologize to my friends and family for representing myself so poorly and for contributing in contentious ways to the family dynamic. I am truly and deeply humbled and sorry. It has been painfully embarrassing to realize on national tv that my mind was not whole. I was not myself, nor did I realize what I was doing or saying at times.




In episode 3, my little Kyra was injured by a tree falling on her at the same time my husband sustained an intense leg and back injury. That was not the first time that year that something drastic had occurred in our family. Just a few months prior to filming one of my sons had an unnerving incident sustaining multiple head injuries, weeks later another son was hit by a car while crossing at a crosswalk, and a near fatal occurrence with my daughter just months previously. Add to that the pressure of having a new sister wife and a new baby, who himself was born prematurely and required another trip to the hospital, moving to a new house and going on a reality tv show, my mind was unable to sustain the pressure.




Since that time, with the support of my family, I have been able to take some time off to heal and recover. I would like to publicly thank my two sisterwives and my husband for their support.  Thank you for every kind word and for your sympathy.  Thank you Angela for stepping in and gathering my little ones beneath your wing while I have been in the process of recovery. Homeschooling children can be a heavy burden at times, but you have born it gracefully and joyfully. You have forged bonds with the children that will last a lifetime. Thank you for every bedtime story, every glass of milk and every comforting touch you offered my children while I was gone. And to Auralee, thank you for so masterfully organizing meal cleanups, for making dinners while I was away and for organizing happy excursions for the children.


Times like this can be very trying on a family. Sometimes it seems like we are stretched beyond our capacity. Life has a tendency to do that, and life in a plural family can be especially that way.


UPDATE: (Added by Drew)

Many fans have been asking whether or not Angela wrote this apology on April’s behalf. Below are a few screenshots of April’s texts addressing her authorship of the apology. The last text screenshot has been left out because it explicitly addresses details April later determined were too personal to be made public (and those were not included in the above post). 

We hoped fans would read April’s words as endearing and worthy of increased compassion for April’s personal challenges while also allowing viewers to see our family drama from season 1 was not representative of our normal family life. As a family (including April), we were all devastated at how poorly our family represented our Mormon fundamentalist friends and peers. We’d hoped to show how most polygamist families were normal, good people. Instead, unforeseen challenges led us to be a poor example of our lifestyle, our culture, and our peers. While we may each have our own accountability to bear in how the first season went, this was April’s effort — and I was personally very proud of her for her courage in preparing it for publication.

Text dated in May before April left.

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9 thoughts on “April’s Apology Regarding Season 1 – Updated

  1. Never doubted the beautiful lady you are. I guess I have that gift to look past the present craziness and see the heart and the love that is there. I wish you well and I pray for you often.

  2. It would have been boring without a little conflict. You have nothing to be sorry about. Thank you for sharing your life and I am glad you feel like you are doing better now. Love your family and I am looking forward to the next season! I hope you are all well and happy.

  3. Beautiful.
    I did not get to watch the season in its entirety (I moved and my tv was left behind in storage) but I enjoyed seeing clips of your family on the show. Your humility is inspiring. There is no doubt you’re a beautiful and wonderful woman. As a 3rd wife in a family that is currently split in 3 directions, and trusting God for healing and restoration, I get it. This is a very stretching life to live, but we’re living it and growing, and are being blessed by our great God aren’t we?Many blessings and many thanks for your willingness to be so transparent on your journey!

  4. I recently read your blog April and hope you are doing well. I’m glad you have loving support from your family. I was a little taken aback by some of Drew’s comments about the show not showing the true reality of your family’s life. He stated it was the worst train wreck year of your lives and seemed ashamed a less than idyllic version of polygamy and your family was shown. He said it wasn’t the norm for all of you. Reading now you were in the throws of some kind of a breakdown makes me worried standards are set too high in your home. It’s perfectly ok to have the reactions and feelings you had. It’s normal to get angry, crabby, frustrated, jealous and sad. Stress needs an outlet and I hope you aren’t punishing yourself for expressing those feelings. You might have been trying to cause reactions because you didn’t know how to process feelings that were overwhelming you. It was easier to fight about bedrooms than face bigger, deeper feelings. I said in a previous comment people are skeptical when a perfect, trouble free image of families, polygamist or not, is presented. Your children seem happy, loved and well adjusted. I think it’s a great example for them to see how a loving family works when troubles surface.

  5. I do understand living in plural family must be difficult but I think April is not going to carry on and be happy be true to yourself and move out the unhappy life and find what makes you happy

  6. I enjoyed this family. I had hoped this wasn’t the true family! I see it wasn’t. I am glad it’s been cleared up. I hope to be updated on how they are doing!

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