Auralee’s Accent, Lisp, Speech Impediment … Whatever!

Written by Auralee

I have had a lot of social media comments about my “lisp/accent”, so I thought I would expound:

Is it a lisp?

My Grandma is Danish and says I look and speak just like the people in Denmark and just to accept it as my heritage. “You have a Danish accent”, she would tell me. ….But, I have trouble accepting that because although I have Danish blood, I am the only person in my family with a “Danish accent”. This leads to many jokes like I genetically inherited a Danish accent, lol. My school told me it was a lisp so I accepted that (seemed more logical). Unfortunately, my school didn’t have a good therapist to help me.

When I am out and about and people ask me where my accent is from, I have tried a number of responses. I have said “oh no, it is just a lisp.” At which comment they usually look at me like they don’t know what to think or they debate it with comments like “I am picking up on more than that” or “Really?” To which comments I often retreat back to what my Grandma said and say “my Grandma is Danish”. This answer makes them happy and keeps me out of a debate and it makes a more interesting response than just to say I have a lisp.

However, it has been brought to my attention recently from a speech therapist who sounds like they are a lot more knowledgeable then my “speech therapist” in elementary school, that it is not a lisp at all ?! It is just some articulation challenges that with the proper instruction, I can overcome! I would LOVE that. It has been very hard on me to talk “funny”. There have been plenty of times I am trying to communicate and people can’t understand what I am saying or they repeat back to me what I sound like and laugh. It makes me feel humiliated. Even when they don’t laugh, I remember the demonstrations I have received and I want to bury my head in the sand. Hurrah for the possibility of changing it. Now I just need to find a GOOD therapist who is able to help me.

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28 thoughts on “Auralee’s Accent, Lisp, Speech Impediment … Whatever!

  1. As someone who had some form of speech therapy every year from Kindergarten to Senior in high school (yes, even as a Senior I was taking speech therapy), it is still a constant struggle to remember how to pronounce words correctly. I am now 40 years old and the letters “r”, “s” and combinations of certain words with “w” in them still trip me up.
    Once you find a good speech therapist, you’ll do fine. It’ll be a struggle for sure, but you can do it!

  2. I went to school with a brother and sister that both speak very similar to yourself, so I understand you pretty well when you speak :). I hate that people question you so much about it. Does it really matter? How you pronounce April absolutely sounds like a Danish accent!

    Wish you all the best!

  3. I understand you fully on the show. I was a child in speech therapy for years. I always thought it was a danish accent. Who cares! Today, I still get adults who like to make fun of the way I stumped up on a word, really? and I ignore them and move on. I don’t make fun of people who can’t control of things they were born with or handicaps. Hurt people, hurt people.

  4. For what it’s worth, I had no issues understanding you on the show but did wonder if you had some hearing loss. I think your voice and speech are quite lovely, actually. Your entire family is lovely!

  5. Hi Auralee, when I first heard you speak on the show, I had goosebumps because my best friend speaks exactly the same! I showed her the video and she was moved to tears to know she’s not alone. Like you, most people assume she is foreign but she’ll correct them and say it’s just a speech impediment. I understand that having to explain it to strangers all the time must be extremely frustrating. Personally, I find it beautiful and have sometimes been jealous of all the men swooning over her lovely accent, haha.

  6. I’m sorry some viewers have been insensitive (at best). Before I had speech therapy I often became incredibly frustrated when I had trouble communicating to someone, which happened daily. It felt like no one heard/listened to me and I often took my frustration out on the person I was talking to by raising my voice and being short, which made it worse. I’m so relieved that’s in my past. Just wanted to write to let you know you are not alone and not all viewers are insensitive. Good luck!

  7. Auralee, I love your voice!!’ You know, people can be cruel and judgmental but remember to take what they say for what ya paid for it and consider the source. I don’t feel like you should change who you are because of what people say. Your voice stands out and makes you (no offense to anyone else in the family) more memorable. Maybe it is something you can work on to change but the way you speak sounds so sophisticated and special, I wouldn’t change it a bit if I were you. I don’t know how your religion works but with my background I’d say that the good Lord gave you that beautiful voice for a reason and who are we to question his actions? Be you girl and ignore the haters!

  8. I am a speech therapist, and that is not a lisp. The first thing I did when watching your show tonight was to Google you to see if your speech had been addressed. I’m happy to see that it has. You have an articulation disorder, specifically, on /r/ production. It’s something normally heard in school-age children. But if not corrected, these errors can continue into adulthood.

    And, unless you spent your early childhood years in Denmark, your Danish heritage has nothing to do with the way you speak. Your grandmother is simply being kind!

    In being fully honest, I find your articulation errors to be distracting. My suggestion would be to ask the producers of your show to connect you with a good speech pathologist who specializes in working with adults with articulation disorders.

    1. It us unfathomable that a licensed SLP would 1) diagnois a stranger without their consent on a public platform and 2) call another human beings voice a “disraction”. Shame on you Amy Augustyn.

  9. Having a speech issue always impacts how we interact with other people and how we feel about ourselves too.
    My speech is impacted by a hearing loss. I could relearn how to pronounce the sounds, but as an adult that is too much effort. Unless the problem is causing major problems, don’t change to please others. Having watched the show – you do sound Danish.

  10. Hi Auralee, first off I love the show. Each person in your family seems really awesome and all three of you ladies are absolutely lovely! Anyway, my daughter used to pronounce her “r’s” as you do. We bought her a set of special sticks that help place the tongue for proper articulation from a company called Speech Buddies and she did her speech therapy program online. It was easy and she enjoyed it.

    I’m looking forward to more blog posts and more episodes!



  11. Auralee! I’ve always thought your accent was very mild and I actually really love it as it is so endearing to me. Yeah, I’m biased so you can probably take it with a grain of salt. It is weird to hear that people can’t understand you sometimes?? I just find that so hard to believe! I understand you perfectly and I never remember having had trouble. I have to admit that I have told people with beautiful accents, “What was that? Could you say it again?” just because I loved hearing how they said things. Could it be that?
    Well I guess one person can’t have everything. Maybe you have a speech difference, but you do have such a gift for language. You aren’t good at coming up with that perfect thing to say under pressure, but give you time and you speak so exactly with precision and purity of ideas. I have learned a lot about how to speak from you, things that have helped heal my heart.
    I guess if you feel embarrassed and it has been a source of difficulty for you, I fully support you doing speech therapy. For what it’s worth, it seems like a waste of time on my side of things looking over at you, because to me you are wonderful just the way you are!

  12. I see absolutely nothing wrong with your speech whatsoever! Imagine how boring the world would be if we all sounded the same? Same accent, same pronounciation of words, same tone etc? We are unique in so many ways and thats a good thing!

  13. I love it and would stick with telling people tha it is a Danish accent! But of course, pursue a good speech therapist if that is what you want. I went to speech therapy in grade school because I couldn’t pronounce my “r’s”. Well I can pronounce them now but sometimes it is very hard and I have to slow down and purposefully pronounce a word. Good luck!

  14. I understand you clearly on the show, but it sounds like an accent. If you can get help from a speech therapist, I say go for it. Nothing wrong with improving ourselves when we can.

  15. I say, who cares! Please don’t worry about what people think. I think your speech is endearing. You seem like a Good person, that’s all that matters.

  16. Hi, Auralee! I LOVE your name AND voice! Keep on being yourself, that’s all that is important. We all are different in many ways, but different is good. Love from TN!

  17. I had to find a speech pathologist for my son as our elementary school lacked sufficient resources to help him overcome his impediment. Our medical insurance didn’t cover the therapy, but the expense was well worth it!
    I think you should definitely give it a try…good luck??

  18. Auralee, you do you! Your speech is charming, but if you feel that you would benefit from Soeech therapy, go for it! If not, it’s fine. You are lovely woman inside and out.

  19. I think by directly addressing this issue yourself and by not avoiding the discussion of it (even though it may not be your favorite topic), shows you have strong character, maturity, and an excellent attitude, all of which are very important.

  20. I thought you might have hearing loss when I first heard you speak. I myself have hearing loss and sometimes speak like you. Glad you don’t. I understand everything you say on the show.

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