Episode Roundup

Seeking Sister Wife Episode 1 Roundup


Written by Angela

Wow.  Watching our own reality tv show, Seeking Sister Wife, is just as exciting and painful for our family as it probably was for you!  It’s really hard to see yourself on tv and see what made the cut and what didn’t.  A week of filming gets condensed down to about 15 minutes of air time for each episode, so what we’re really seeing is a conglomerate of highlights and conversations not necessarily pieced together in order.  

Why We Decided to be Authentic

A well meaning friend asked me, “Couldn’t you guys have pretended to get along better?”  Lol.  I totally get it.  As polygamy is still new and unusual to many, people in our community, including us, are sensitive to what gets media attention.  Because there are so many erroneous stereotypes, we certainly don’t want to lend support for them, and we’d like the world to see happy, shiny people.

The truth is, we are both happy in our family structure AND it is hard.  We are an imperfect family, no doubt.  Regardless, we still choose it… much like people in monogamous marriages.  Marriage can be hard.  We can have conflict with our partners.  And we can still love them all the while.  

More important than putting forth a complete facade, we felt that in accepting this role it was our obligation and desire to be REAL.  Our job was to be ourselves and TLCs job was to make great tv.  The things you see from us are real.  We did those things.  We said those things.  What you don’t see is the whole story for context.  We knew that was the way it would be, and we accepted the role anticipating that.  

Our Intention With the Show

We consider this opportunity to be a great one, a chance of a lifetime, to be a much needed voice in our society to normalize plural families.  We are not some underground freaks, though many in our community are made to feel that way.  We knew that if we tried to pretend we were perfect that people would see right through us and call BS.  In that case, no one would watch, be interested, or take us seriously.  I wish we were more perfect.  But we aren’t.  So this is us.  Raw.  Vulnerable.  Trying.  Loving.  Failing.  Trying harder.  And slightly scared to death.  😉 

The thing is, we just want the right to live as we choose.  It’s likely not for you and we’re okay with that.  We aren’t trying to push our lifestyle or religion on anyone ~ we just want the right to live it.  We are one of the last minority groups to have any civil rights.  We don’t need it to be legal ~ we just don’t want to have the impending threat of prison hanging over our heads. 

Taking Sides

The April and Auralee conflict…  It is an interesting human tendency to want to take sides (and so quickly!).  People are already “taking sides” from a 2-minute clip without much of any context.  People are also trying to pick their favorite family on the show.  People want a team to vote for or support.  But reality is, in our family, we are one team – we are family.  There is no “Team April” or “Team Auralee”.  There is only “Team Briney” as we all have the same intention to be unified, even if we don’t always know how to be.
As far as the other families on the show… We completely support them and what they are doing.  We are on the same team.  We are fighting the same fight.  None of us are the bad apples you generally see in mainstream news coverage.  Our families are much like yours.

Seeing the House for the First Time!

A lot of viewers and fans are baffled that it seemed like we hadn’t ever seen the house before.  Well, that’s because we hadn’t!  We literally walked through it for the first time as you saw on the episode.  We found the house online and moved forward with it sight unseen (other than pictures).  It’s really hard to find a home large enough to accommodate our size of family and we had been searching for months without any luck.  With the homes that we did find workable, until this point in time, the landlords wouldn’t rent to us because we are a plural family.  Some just blamed it on the “size” of our family, while others were more blatant.  The persecution is real.  We also only had about an hour to decide on rooms before our moving trucks showed up, so it was very rushed and intense.

Lenny’s Birth

I (Angela) gave birth to my first child, Lenny, during filming.  We were sad to see that hardly any of it was shown, as that is a storyline that they were very interested in while they were “courting” us.  So there are two things I want to quickly share here, and then I’m sure I’ll do a longer, dedicated post about it later.  In case you didn’t catch my age, I am 41-years-old.  Before Lenny, I’d never been able to have a child, though wanting children for some 20-years.  I knew the day would come because I knew that God had promised me that blessing, but as time wore on, my faith faltered.  But on our honeymoon Drew blessed my body to be healed and cleansed and asked God to send me a child.  Eight months later I found out I was pregnant.  Ugh.  It never ceases to pull my heart strings.  This miracle that I waited some 20-years for… here he finally was coming.  

Another part of this story is how I named him after my father.  My dad and I were kind of estranged on some level for many years as we tried navigating through our different beliefs.  We finally began finding our way just after Drew and I got married.  I’m so pleased with my dad, and so proud to be his daughter and I couldn’t think of a higher compliment than to name my son after him.  More on this and the name “Leonardo Vincenzo” later.

Brielle (12) and Jocelyn (9) Sharing their Thoughts

Those girls!  We are so proud of them and their enthusiasm for sharing their thoughts.  When we hear people say “Oh, the poor children [of polygamous homes]”, we want so badly to educate people and cause them to think!  Who wants to hear more from the kids?!

Auralee’s Speech Impediment

Because there was so much talk about this, we decided to cover it in a separate post, coming shortly.  Auralee graciously returns a heartfelt answer to a ruthless and cruel crowd. 

Top Tweets We Find Funny!

You’ll see in one of the tweets below…  They assume I’m the youngest wife, even though I’m actually the oldest.  😉

Amy Parker says to haters, “Check yourself. Men need 3 women to help them through a common cold…”  

Compliments to Sharis Alldredge for her picture! 

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9 thoughts on “Seeking Sister Wife Episode 1 Roundup

  1. I feel bad that Auralee’s parents never had her speech impediment treated by professionals. That is very neglectful to me. I felt so bad for her when she said she sometimes tells people it’s an accent. Maybe she can get some help now?

    1. Hi Michele, I’m not sure that we know whether or not Auralee’s parents ever tried helping her. So I’m not sure where the assumption comes from… In any case I know that she works extensively with her voice and it’s very important to her to be understood. She’s very gracious about it and welcomes helpful input.

  2. I find Auralee brave, for being on tv, knowing people would be rude. I like her, and why fix it, now? I find it endearing. I am actually an Atheist, but I find these shows so fascinating. If we were all the same, how boring would this world, be!?
    Your fan in Long Beach, CA

  3. Oh, I wish TLC included footage taken around the time your son was born! That’s one of my favorite parts of reality shows. He’s an adorable little miracle! And that’s so sweet you named him after your dad (I also have had an estranged relationship with my dad and it’s nice whenever I hear I’m not alone).

    I think it’s great you and your family are authentic and share the good and the bad. I couldn’t relate to anything else 🙂

    Oh, my goodness I thought you were in your early 20’s. You look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

  4. Thank you Angela for your thoughtful post. I am very sorry that your story of Lenny didn’t make the cut… at least yet. I think it likely it will still be told at some point..

  5. Why was this on the third page of my search engine when it was written by a member of the show?
    While people abusing others under the guise of polygamy should be stopped, the ones freely choosing it as an adult ,as a religion should be left alone.
    We as Americans are all supposed to be guaranteed freedom of religion. Well obviously unless you practice polygamy in Utah. I think Utah’s lawmakers hate polygamy so much is the abuses it courts, when men need a multitude of wives, and it is a fairly closed community, wives are taken from a younger and younger age. I also think it has to go back to Utah getting statehood only if the Mormons gave up polygamy. The mainstream Mormon church could still be practicing polygamy if that agreement wasn’t brokered.
    I would have loved to have a bunch more kids. I had complications so I considered myself blessed that I have my 3. Nothing brings more joy,compassion,pain, heartache than being a mother.

    I wish you all the best of luck. Enjoy the kids, enjoy each other.

    1. Thank you for your support Susan. I know many women who feel like you and would have welcomed more children into their lives. This is a great facet of polygamy that is often overlooked because having large families is frowned upon by so many. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

      And sorry, no, we’re not allowed to comment on the separate question you asked. ;^)

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