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What if Jesus Met a Funny Guy?

Written by Drew

By age, starting with Evelia: children next to their Christmas stockings.


Usually, when it comes to teaching children about the gospel, I’m pretty straight laced … some might even say “neurotic” over details.  I could talk to you for an hour about the Greek word kataluma and how it overthrows many of our notions about Christmas narratives. I’m writing a book about the Nativity and what Mormons can learn from Christian scholars about the story.  There are dozens of Christmas traditions that have little to do with Christ so we’re careful to teach our children the difference.  So no, we don’t teach Santa Clause (though we teach them of the legend) and no, we don’t teach our children that stockings are important because they serve to remind us about the legend of a mini-miracle where gold appeared in a stocking to allow a man to pay for the dowry of a beautiful bride.  The socks/stockings are just for fun (and hopefully, healthy treats). 

Sorry, I’m rambling.

But today, a casual Q&A over some boiling frankincense and myrrh changed the flavor a little. I thought a couple snippets of our conversation were worth sharing, despite being somewhat uncharacteristically irreverent ….




Auralee: “Evelia! Guess what?”

Evelia: “What?”

Auralee: “When Jesus was about your age, wise men came to give Jesus special gifts!”

Evelia with excited, wide eyes unsuccessfully trying to peer over the counter on tip toes: “For me too?”

*giggles*  …




Auralee: “When the soldiers came to kill the little children, they didn’t kill Jesus.  Why not?”

Daddy: “He juggled for them.”


Daddy: “Serious.  They were really impressed.  He was good!”


Auralee: “Because Joseph was warned in a dream … so where did they go?”

Daddy: “Miami.”


Daddy: “If it were me, I’d go to Miami.”

Josiah: “I don’t think so …”

*giggles*  …




Auralee: “But when an angel told Joseph he could go home, Joseph learned another wicked man was ruler there.  He was still scared.  What do you think he did?”

Drew: “They traveled through a worm hole into another dimension where the wicked king was really nice so it didn’t matter any more.”

*giggles*  …

Keilana: “What if Jesus met a funny guy like daddy?”

*lots of giggles*


I didn’t answer the question but I think the answer might be that we’d have less dogma and a little more fun when we talked about religion.


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